Friday, May 16, 2014

The best foods for a healthy liver

The liver every day coming into contact with a hazardous toxins to be removed from our bodies. Our central laboratory has many other functions such as the synthesis of proteins, hormones and blood coagulation factors. The liver is also a storehouse of vitamins and iron. The human body is the perfection of nature, but sometimes needs our help. 

This is a list of foods that will keep your liver healthy.
For the health of the liver, but also the entire body, you need to eat fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, tomatoes, plums and grapes. Try to eat a few almonds daily. Provide your body enough water.

For detoxification of the liver are the best fresh juices of carrot, beetroot, radicchio and dandelion.
Artichoke, milk thistle and burdock contains plenty of silymarin and inulin which are grat for the liver. When inflammation of the liver as a drug used milk thistle extract. Artichoke contains cynarin which is great for people who have fatty liver. The above cynarin and caffeic acid, which are found in the artichokes are extremely strong hepatoprotective effect. 
Artichoke is the best choice for a healthy liver. 

Inulin is a fiber which helps bowel movement, which is very important for optimal liver function, because each constipation or constipation, a potential danger to the liver. In addition, inulin is a natural probiotic, or food that aids the function of the good intestinal bacteria. Encouraging their growth and development and preventing the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria, inulin is often added probiotics in fermented dairy products, which can be found in stores. 

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It has powerful antibacterial and antiviral effect, reduces the harmful cholesterol in the blood. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that assist in detoxification of heavy metals. Olive oil and garlic are the guarantee for good health. 

Fruits that are rich in pectin, such as apples and pears, effectively lowers cholesterol. Pectins are, in fact, binding of the bile acid and thus helps knockdown values ​​and decreasing liver cholesterol. Day in the body to enter about 25 g of ballast substances, therefore need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables such as plums, citrus, legumes, oats, rice, cabbage and cauliflower. Legumes such as peas and beans are a rich source of the amino acid arginine, which helps detoxify ammonia. Ammonia occurs in our bodies daily protein breakdown and liver effectively removes him. 

Green vegetables are a source of chlorophyll, great cleaners of your  liver.  Chlorophyll has antioxidant effect and protects against cancer. Very useful for liver consuming juice thistle. Silymarin from thistle has a beneficial effect on the liver. For thousands of years, the thistle is used for liver protection. 
Silymarin is effective in liver damage caused by alcohol and drugs, with gallstones and fungal diseases. It has strong anti-inflammatory effect. 

These are the foods that yout liver likes:

  • fruits (without limitation)
  • vegetables (cooking, use olive oil)
  • low-fat vegetable soup
  • cheese of skimmed milk
  • eggs (maximum of 3 per week)
  • poultry, chicken, turkey and veal
  • fish
  • olive oil
  • honey (chestnut)
  • homemade jams without additives or preservatives
  • Teas (burdock, sage, mint, fruit and vegetables)

In addition to the dietary changes you can use: 

  • B vitamins,  who restored the liver
  • Vitamin C, which neutralize toxins and act as an antioxidant
  • lecithin and phospholipids to prevent the storage of fat in the liver
  • pollen and propolis, protect the liver from alcohol and neutralize free radicals
  • silymarin

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips for a healthy liver

The liver is the central laboratory, which, together with the kidneys eliminate toxins from our body. A healthy liver is an essential prerequisite for the health of the whole organism. 

A healthy diet is a crucial factor for liver health. Unhealthy eating habits are our everyday life .Sudden changes in diet are not good for  liver. Liver damage can be the result of malnutrition.Liver can endanger alcohol, cigarettes and poor diet. 

Below are some useful tips for health of your liver. 

Garlic, onions, broccoli, whole grains, berries, yogurt and green tea are very healthy detoxifying foods 

Use olive oil 
Olive oil is liquid gold for our body for many reasons. Protects against cardiovascular disease, but the stores and the health of your liver. When cooking with olive oil, always put the flame on medium heat. 

Eat foods rich in sulfur 
The liver produces many enzymes which perform a number of functions. Particularly important is their role in the breakdown of some drugs, and the harmful substances in the body. Enzymes are made better by eating foods rich in sulfur, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli. 

Eat organic foods 
There's a lot less pesticides, which are poisonous. Pesticides are extremely harmful to the liver, and one of them can cause cancer. 

Vitamins are part of a healthy diet 
Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, carrots, broccoli, almonds, potatoes, and many others. These foods should be part of your everyday life. 

Lecithin is a friend of your liver 
Consumption of foods rich in lecithin will help you have a healthy liver. Seafood, green vegetables, legumes and dairy compounding especially rich in lecithin. Eat them to increase the production of phosphatidyl choline. Phosphatidyl Choline helps to build up the membrane of liver cells, thereby creating a healthier liver. 

Carbohydrates can be dangerous 
Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can cause fatty deposits in the liver. Fatty liver is the result of excessive intake of sugar. To avoid damage to the liver from the potentially harmful effects control the intake of salt and carbohydrates. 

Caffeine is not overly useful 
If you are addicted to coffee, then every time you drink a cup of coffee instead of water. Water cleans toxins from the blood. 

Eat vegetables 
Vegetable is rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, free radicals. Cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, sunflower, kale, Brussels sprouts and artichokes are foods rich in antioxidants. 

Free yourself from stress. 
Stress is the biggest cause of many health problems, including liver damage. Try to find the best technique for stress reduction. 

Exercise is beneficial for the whole body 
Exercising every day opening the pores, increases blood circulation, burns fat and relaxes the mind. Exercise also eliminates free radicals from the body through sweat glands. Swimming and walking are very effective exercises for the entire body health.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is not healthy for your liver?

The liver is the central laboratory in our body. Everyday is exposed to a number of toxins that occur in our bodies or coming from the external environment.

Today is the perfect day to adopt healthy habits. Take the first step, the next day another and soon your body will feel very positive changes.

Alcohol is the enemy of your liver. It is a fact that is well known for hundreds of years. With alcohol you have to be very careful. Often excessive alcohol consumption can greatly contribute to liver damage and other organs in our body especially the heart and nervous system. The alcohol is metabolized in the liver. Daily terror liver alcohol depletes its ability to work, interferes with the secretion of digestive enzymes and lead to reduced absorption of substances that our body is extremely necessary. People who consume alcohol frequently, almost always have a deficit of protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, A, E and K. Because alcohol intake the body is not getting enough vitamin B1 and folic acid. Harmful effects of alcohol may cause the appearance of a fatty liver disease, or a disease called alcoholic steatohepatitis. Alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver.

Cigarettes are also a great enemy of the health of your liver magical. When the inhale cigarette smoke can enter into the body over 4000 toxin, such as nicotine, benzopyrene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, cyanide, tar, acetaldehyde, acrolein and the like. Liver, lungs, and kidneys where they are metabolized toxins above.

When I was a little girl fruits and vegetables looked so healthy and had an overwhelming smell. Today, unfortunately there are so many  genetically modified food and hundreds of pesticides. 
Healthy food is not easy to buy, because of the lack of the market, partly because of high prices.  Chemical agency are potent poisons. Traces of pesticides in food damage our liver. Food should be thoroughly washed before eating. This way you can remove some of the pesticides, insecticides and additives.

Do not over eat. Liver really bother too abundant meals. Intemperance in eating and drinking demands from the liver "overtime" work, a tired liver is not very successful in the detoxification of harmful substances. Therefore, treat your beloved holiday liver.

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to speed up recovery after a liver disease?

The liver has a great capacity for regeneration. Today there are a number of natural remedies and methods that can help your liver to recover after illness. 

Life today takes place extremely rapidly, more eating junk food, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, swallowing several pills and no one asks how our livers manage to remove all these toxins?

Diseases of the liver are insidious because symptoms occur mainly at the stage when the disease is advanced. More women suffer from cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver and other diseases that are closely related to lifestyle.

Below are some tips that will help you to save the health of your liver

Potbelly is a terrible enemy of your liver

Fat that accumulates around your waist is a wild gland that each class produces a huge number of pollutants that threaten our lives. People who are overweight have inflammation of the liver known by various names: fatty liver, hepatic steatosis, fatty infiltration of the liver and steatohepatitis.Your liver is suffering because of your obesity. Get rid of the excess weight. Run, swim, navigate enough. The best recommendation for weight loss is to lose about a pound a week. What A particularly want to point out that obesity is directly related to the scaling and inflammation of the gallbladder. You may have noticed that most of the people who operated the gall bladder are overweight. Physical activity stimulates the flow of blood through your liver, and thus facilitate its work.

Proper nutrition is extremely important

Make sure that your diet is balanced. You need to eat foods from all groups. Reduce the intake of salt and sugar. Use olive oil. Reduce your intake of desserts. Cleanse the body by one week to declare a seven fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Consider vaccination against hepatitis B, especially if pinned risk group. Take care of your sexual behavior.

You need to consume more zinc in your body. Zinc deficiency in the body is associated with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. The seeds are a great source of zinc.

Acupuncture is a healthy process detoxication and stimulates the liver.

Recent studies have shown that coffee has a positive effect on the health of the liver. I think it's great news for all coffee lovers. However, do not overdo it!

Do not use too many vitamin supplements.
People living in the delusion that he was taking a lot of vitamins for good health. Synthetic (man-made) vitamins can impair liver health and a range of other functions in our body. Therefore, people eat fresh fruits and vegetables!

Do any minute resort to painkillers. Acetaminophen, known as paracetamol is a strong poison for the liver.

You can drink alcohol, but you should drink wisely!
Alcohol can drink occasionally. The biggest problem of alcohol consumption was drinking every day. If you are celebrating something today, then the next day do not take  alcohol that liver can recover  sufficiently. You need to consume about 8 glasses of water a day. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What foods are great for your liver?

The liver is the main factory in our body and the place where it collects and removes waste from our bodies. The liver is the perfect laboratory, which usually works flawlessly. Although it is perfect and has a great capacity for regeneration, should not be an excessive burden on harmful substances in the food we eat. People who already have diagnosed liver disease must take very much about nutrition.

There are a number of foods that have beneficial effects on the function of our dear liver.
In general, the health of the liver and the entire body is the most important measure and maintain a balance in your diet.

For a healthy liver and long life you should eat the following foods:

Vegetables in fresh condition, because the only way the body gets protective and energy-relevant materials.

Herbaceous plants are great for the liver. Cabbage is a very healthy, even though many of us are not big fans of this plant. Cabbage is best eaten fresh, in salads. Due to the bloating cabbage is preferable to add a little cumin

Cabbage should be used in fresh form, as a salad or as a fresh-squeezed juice is beneficial and in severe liver disease. To prevent bloating in the cooked cabbage to add a little cumin. Tasty and sauerkraut, but not for the people with liver disease and high blood pressure.

Potatoes are a great food for all liver diseases.

Tomatoes are great for neutralizing harmful substances into our body every day. Lycopene in tomatoes protects us from cancer.

Carrot is rich in fiber and vitamins, especially the major source of vitamin A which is essential for daily function of the liver and its regeneration.

Radish is helpful for patients with hepatitis, chronic liver disease in the form of cirrhosis of the liver. Radish improves the production of bile and helps eliminate toxins.

Fruit is a friend of your liver. Citrus fruits are the real friends of your liver. Orange stimulates the elimination of bile from the liver, gallbladder and prevent the formation of tartar in the gallbladder.

Olive oil is very healthy for the liver. Best for your body is cold olive oil in a variety of salads.Heating and cooking olive oil loses its beneficial qualities, because most of the active substances are inactivated at temperatures above 40 C.

Many spices are real magicians when it comes to liver function. Spices should not use the way you like, fresh or in cooking. Particularly healthy for the liver as celery, horseradish, onion, garlic and ginger.

Olives are very healthy for people to have normal liver function, but not recommended for diseases of the liver due to the high salt content.

Lemon participates in the regulation of blood flow through the liver and thus promotes rapid and efficient elimination of harmful substances from our bodies. Lemon juice, honey and water stimulate overall digestion.

Grape is rich in antioxidants that protect our liver and the whole body. Blueberries are also very healthy for our liver.

I hope that today you will give yourself at least one of the above ingredients. Think of your health, because no one else will do it for you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What you should know about your liver?

The liver is our magic laboratory, without which life is impossible. An incredibly perfect, complex and powerful organ that protects us from harmful substances. The liver has great strength self-regeneration (regeneration), but everything in life has its limits. Do not test the ability of his body, but think about your health and your liver.
Every day, you can make a small step that will improve day by day your health and keep your liver.

Have you ever thought how many times in life you take food or medications that can damage your liver. How to pill a year? How to toxins in ten years? How many liters are harmful drinking carbonated beverages, as toxic additives you eat? The body remembers everything, even when damage is fully restored. This is especially true for the liver and lungs. Therefore, we also suggest that you forget about the cigarettes!

Any bad habits endanger your health. Poor eating habits threaten the health of the liver. Fatty liver has become a huge problem today. It is most common in the metabolic syndrome and obesity.You've heard the term fatty liver?
Well my dear friends of fatty liver is not an innocent thing, it is a special type of inflammation of the liver, popularly known as NASH, or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This type of inflammation is almost regular companion thick and can make a huge impact on your body.

Do not eat fast food, or eat less. I also love fried potatoes, potato chips, baked and fried foods, pastry, but slowly trying to change some habits.

If there is damage to the liver, where compromised liver function registers a series of health problems, and gradually the body enters a state called. chronic poisoning.

The liver is a vital organ, through which flows a large amount of blood from a number of harmful substances, the liver removes from our bodies. All these poisons gradually or abruptly can damage the liver, especially in situations where you have a chronic illness of the liver in the form of hepatitis. Liver cells, called hepatocytes.

How to identify problems with your liver?

The most common symptoms of liver disease are chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, vomiting, nausea. In the final stages there are yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes, swelling of the legs and abdomen, consciousness disturbances and liver (hepatic, hepatic) coma. The most common cause of liver failure is liver. The liver is also very important in the normal functioning of the immune system. Liver dysfunction affects other organs in our body.

What to do when you know you have a diseased liver?

Any liver disease can be acute and chronic. If the disease does not go into a definite state (chronicity), then the liver in most cases recover completely. If you exceed the disease into a chronic stage, it is a big problem, because most liver disease ultimately is not curable, but can be kept under control. At the point of permanent damage to the liver, it creates scar tissue, or fibrosis, which is a reaction to the inflammatory process. Severe form of fibrosis leading to cirrhosis of the liver. Science of liver disease called hepatology.
The most common liver disease as alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis, fatty liver, toxic liver damage.
Fatty liver has two forms. One is related to alcohol consumption and is called alcoholic steatohepatitis. The second form is associated with obesity and with enealkoholni called steatohepatitis. Liver disease in the first phase manifests enlargement of the liver, which is called hepatomegaly. Fatty liver steatosis denoted by the term.

What are the common symptoms of liver disease?

Clinical features of liver disease is diverse. Some of the symptoms belonging to the common symptoms, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, bloating, constipation (constipation), vomiting, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, hemorrhoids, menstrual cycle disorders, impaired fertility, stabbing abdominal pain below right ribs port, skin yellowing (icterus), swelling, swelling of the abdomen (ascites).
In advanced liver disease occur jaundice (jaundice), coagulation disorders (coagulation) of blood, decreased muscle mass, arachnoids angioma (spider naevus), erythema (redness) palms, decreased body hair, breast enlargement (gynecomastia), fluid accumulation in the abdomen (ascites ) and bleeding from esophageal varices due.

What not to eat, because your liver does not like it?

Most medications are metabolized through the liver and during its passage through the liver, the right of damages. Particularly harmful substance acetaminophen or paracetamol which has been shown to be toxic to the liver (hepatotoxic). Tylenol is often used, indomethacin, some antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, anesthetics (halothane) are also otrvoni the liver. These drugs have a direct toxic effect on the liver cells. poisonous mushrooms contain very strong hepatotoxin.
There are drugs that cause stagnation of bile, or holestatskog lead to liver damage, such as phenothiazine, some antidepressants, sex hormones. The most  damages disappears after discontinuation. Sometimes he comes to the appearance of permanent damage with prolonged, frequent drug use.

How to cure liver disease?

The best treatment is prevention. Stop consume toxins, bad food and drugs needlessly, reject alcohol and cigarettes vaccinated against hepatitis, note the transmission through sexual contact.The first step is setting up a correct diagnosis. Treatment is usually medicament. In the late stages the only cure is a liver transplant or liver transplant.

The people and the medical community for a long time used drugs have a protective effect on the liver, called the hepatoprotective drugs (hepatoprotective). They are not a cure for the ailing liver.These medications are only supplements and additives. Today there are a number of drugs that have a hepatoprotective effect.
They can be classified into two groups: antifibrotic/ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant resources. The hepatoprotective including B group vitamins, essential phospholipids, vitamin E, betaine. As an anti-inflammatory medications are used: ursodesoxicholic acid, pentoxifylline and losartan (angiotensin receptor antagonist).

What can we find in the market?
The most common drugs that protect the liver include B complex vitamins, and sylimarin Hepatil. Sylimarin is an excellent remedy for the liver, is made from milk thistle extract and contains three flavonoids (silybin, silychristin and silydianin). Sylimarin protects liver cells their antioxidant effects, protects against free radicals, stimulates protein synthesis, increases the synthesis of glutathione by over 35%. Sylimarin is good for a variety of liver diseases such as alcoholic liver disease, mushroom poisoning, drug damage (medicament hepatitis), viral hepatitis. Hepatil contains ornithine aspartate to facilitate detoxification and regeneration of liver cells and may be useful in inflammatory diseases (viral hepatitis) and alcoholic liver disease. Beneficial effect is achieved in the synthesis of glutamine and by increasing the synthesis of urea and ammonia elimination.

How to keep your liver?
Avoid junk, fatty foods, cigarettes and alcohol. Think of your body weight. Eat fruits, grains, legumes (peas, beans, green beans, broad beans). Eat a variety of nuts and seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower, pumpkin). Sometimes you use vitamin supplements, but only sometimes and do not go overboard!
What is not good for your liver and your entire body saturated fat, refined sugar and alcohol in particular.
Note the intake of coffee. Coffee eventually tired of your liver. I have already said that the liver remembers everything.
Look for fruits and vegetables that are not treated with pesticides. Pesticides are poisons extreme for your liver.
Day by day you're making small steps to improve your health. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Symptoms of liver disease

The liver is a marvelous laboratory of our body. Every day, it performs a number of complex functions. The liver participates in the removal of toxins from our body produces bile, participate in the digestion of food, the deposit of vitamins, protein production and coagulation factors. Liver, with the kidneys is the main organ that protects us from toxic and harmful substances. The liver has great recovery, and unfortunately the symptoms of liver disease usually detected at an advanced stage.

Liver Health
Liver (lat.hepar) is located below the right rib cage, in the right upper abdomen. Is the largest internal organ. It weighs about 1.5 pounds and has a large number of blood vessels, causing all of the injuries of the liver accompanied by massive bleeding. The liver is the organ without which man can not live. Unlike other organs that can not be selfrecovery, the liver has a high capacity for regeneration. Liver health largely depends on the way we live. The fact is that many of us terrorizes her own body toxins, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, unhealthy and greasy fast food, preservatives.
Special danger to the liver is often taking medications, according to their own choice, without consulting a doctor.

Symptoms of liver disease and occur in a wide variety of different combinations. The most common are fatigue, insomnia, headaches, depression, indigestion, constipation, nausea, bloating, mood changes, stomach pain. The symptoms listed above are not specific only for liver disease, but I can certainly point to the fact that there are problems. Symptoms that are typical of liver disease, unfortunately occurring at an advanced stage. These are the yellowing of the skin (jaundice, icterus), decreased muscle mass, breast enlargement in men (gynecomastia), bad breath, reduced hairiness, bleeding tendency, swollen abdomen, swollen legs, blurred consciousness. The final stage of the liver, liver (hepatic) coma.

Liver failure can be acute and chronic. Most often when the disease does not move from acute to chronic phase, the liver is completely healed. If the disease passes from acute to chronic form, as is often the case with hepatitis B and C, the functional reserve of the liver is slowly depleted, normal liver tissue is converted to scarring (fibrosis), destroy the anatomy of the liver and bloodstream and develop chronic liver failure, usually in the form of cirrhosis.
Cirrhosis of the liver rapidly leads to liver failure and the only solution is a liver transplant, which no one would wish.
Therefore, my friends think of your health, take your liver, amazing lab in our body.